Service and sale of the spare parts are integral parts of the FULL Maszyny Budowlane structure.

We are commercial company, but we are aware of the difficulties, that our client may have because of even the smallest defect in his machine. To meet the requirements and needs of our clients, Full Maszyny Budowlane offers a complete machine’s service during the guarantee time and after.

Company owns two well completely equipped stationary service’s halls in Warsaw and in Gdansk, as well as 6 service trucks, that are always ready to reach any place in Poland. Besides that, our stationary services  are always ready to advise you, if there are any doubts according to the proper exploitation of the machines. Stationary service in Warsaw is based in a specialist service hall, adopted to service heavy construction equipment. It is 540 m2 large. It is equipped with a net installation of the compressed air, distribution points of lubricating mediums, six inspection pit work stations with lifts and ventilating hood of the waste gas.

We work using only original parts and our mechanics few times a year take part in professional technical trainings, to keep their knowledge and skills on the highest level.

All of our clients receive a catalogue of the spare parts and servicing instruction. In case of any individual request we are able to organize professional trainings for the operators, also in the machine producer’s factory.


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