About us

Full Maszyny Budowlane Sp. z o.o. was established in 1990, as a company with only polish capital. 30 years of experience is a time of a constant and stable development of our offer, when we have managed to build up a huge base of our suppleiers and customers. At the moment we are one of the most efficient companies in the construction equipment business in Poland – selling new and used machines.

Running our company we are following the set of the principle rules. One of them is to choose producers of the highest quality machines in the world as a commercial partners. Since 2012 our product offer has been expanded of proffesional slope mowers Spider. Recently we have been an exclusive representative for such companies as: HBM, Sauerburger, Koppl, Kohler / Lombardini and Dvorak.

Full treats the success of the clients as their own success, and due to this rule, a high quality is a main determinant of our commercial politics and strategy. We realize that our clients require a complete and integrated offer.

The dynamic of the development and professionalism of our company was noticed and appreciated by “Business Puls” (“Puls Biznesu”) – a daily business newspaper, which has invited us to the exclusive “Business Gazelle’s Club” (Klub Gazeli Biznesu). “Business Gazelle’s Club” is an institution, that gathers the most dynamic and developing companies, Full has been already three times  rewarded with their price: in 2003,  2004 and in 2005.

In addition to commercial achievements Full Maszyny Budowlane have had some sporting successes. During 2002-2007 Full’s racing yacht was taking part in the most important races in Poland.

Full Maszyny Budowlane offers you a wide range of extra service: technical service of the machines, sale of the service parts and exploitations materials. We are also able to organize professional trainings and presentations of the machines.

Construction machines market is a very demanding branch, where there is no place for mistakes or negligent. Full Maszyny Budowlane is proud to cooperate with the biggest companies in Poland. Let the trust, that we have been given during the last 30 years, be the best proof of our full commitment and professionalism.

You are welcome to cooperate with us.
Mirosław Jakubiak,
President & CEO